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October News

October is exciting and theatre is alive and well in our studios with Touchstone, Arts Club, Green Thumb, Axis, Fighting Chance, Awkward, Miscellaneous and Itsazoo all in production. Renegade Prop rentals are brisk as Vancouver becomes aware the Playhouse Prop collection is back on the market. Our music studios are ringing with the sounds of Dan Mangan, Mother Mother, Hey Ocean, Said the Whale, Beekeeper, Rococode, We Need Surgery, Sweetheart, Gold & Youth and many more. The Renegade Sounds label has remastered Spin by Stiletto and the first city to pick up the album is London. The art studios are extremely popular since The Drift on Main Street came through, and we have now added another large studio to satisfy the demand. Renegade Recording Co will be tracking BC`s Best Teen Band winner Kate Kurdyak this month, and what else can we tell you, our staff is excited and motivated as we keep getting bigger and better!

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